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logan heights SD 1970’s

always walk by here

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Anonymous asked: You need help

With what

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Anonymous asked: Why were you being chased by your cousin's gf's mom?

Because they don’t like him and want him away from his daughter (by any means necessary apparently). I guess it’s what happens when your girlfriend’s daddy is big daddy lawyer

Jul 26, 2014
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My cousin’s gf’s mom chased us with her car we were trying to lose her but a cop came out of nowhere and stopped us. Almost got arrested and the cops towed the car, arrested my cousin, and left us in bumblefuck bedford hills where my phone died so we had to wait 3 hours for a ride back. We were like 30 miles from home And i haven’t slept in almost 2 days from popping too much molly

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Hes so fluffy!

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